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Welcome to Casalingo, Great Ocean Roads premier destination for fresh pasta and authentic Italian Cuisine. Located in the heart of beautiful Apollo Bay, Casalingo serves up delicious, heartwarming meals steeped in Italian tradition. 

Our recipe for great food is simple: find fresh, seasonal, sustainable produce and make it the star of your meal. Our mouth-watering menu of small bites, entrées, main courses and desserts, accompanied by our carefully-curated selection of local and Italian wines, beers and cocktails, will give you a night you'll always remember. 

Our staff are warm, friendly and knowledgable and will ensure you have a dining experience that will linger long after you leave our beautiful town. 

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It was our pleasure to have Sarah Davidson down during XXX, who checked out Casalingo on her Great Ocean Road adventure. See what she has to say below. (or something similar)

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